With a Tesla to Italy


You have a Tesla, or other plug-in car, and you are thinking about going on holiday to Italy? Then you can read here everything you need to know for a carefree holiday. My Italy has a selection of agriturismos where your electric car can be charged, so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in Italy.


What is an agriturismo

Agriturismos in Italy are usually quietly located in the countryside, where recharging points are often scarce. Electric driving in Italy is not as popular as for example in the Netherlands. But an agriturismo is a combination of holiday accommodation and a farm (usually a wine or olive oil farm) and because of the agricultural activities, there is often power flow that can also be used to charge your Tesla, for example. In addition, many agriturismos consciously invest in sustainability and are (almost) self-sufficient through solar panels.


Charging point at an agriturismo

My Italy has indicated which facilities are available to load your plug-in car at the agriturismos in its selection. So you know in advance which plug you can use and you see a rough estimation of the distance between the parking place and the charging point. This way you can also estimate the costs of loading so clear agreements can be made with the landlord about the payment. By staying in a My Italy agriturismo with a charging point for electric cars, you are assured of having enough electrical power every day for beautiful day trips in the area.


Find an agriturismo with a charging point

To make it easier to find a suitable agriturismo for your holiday in Italy with a Tesla, you can select the selection criteria charging point. Then you will see on the region maps of Italy which agriturismos meet your wishes. The facilities of each agriturismo contain the specifications of the infrastructure that is present, such as the type of plug and the amount of Ampere.


With a Tesla on holiday to Italy

From the Netherlands to Italy is approximately 1,000 kilometers (to Lake Como and Lake Garda) or 1,500 kilometers to Tuscany and Le Marche. Therefore, the trip may seem impossible with a Tesla or other electric car, but it is possible! And from experiences of other Tesla drivers shows that it is not too bad! You can stay, for example, for a few nights in a My Italy agriturismo in the North of Italy while traveling to Tuscany. You can choose one of the agriturismos with a charging point in Piedmont, on Lake Como or Lake Garda.


Super Chargers / SC in Italy

A trip with a Tesla or electric car to Italy requires good planning in advance. But the Super Chargers network has good coverage in Western Europe to allow a fast trip. SC's in Italy are unfortunately not that many yet, but here you can see where new ones are planned.

For your holiday on Lake Garda you can use the SC near Verona. If you are going to Lake Como, the SC near Lugano (Switzerland) is the most convenient. For Piemonte you can use the SC in Aosta or the one near Milan, depending on where you come from. For a holiday in Tuscany with a Tesla there is an SC in Arezzo.

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