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Are you looking for blissfully quiet accommodation for the two of you? No problem with My Italy. I – Margot – have selected a number of adults-only agriturismos, along with agriturismos which are intended mostly for adults. These agriturismos focus on adult guests, so the number of children allowed is restricted. In some of these properties you won’t find any children at all, which makes them ideal for having romantic time for each other!


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What does ‘mostly adults’ mean?

Mostly-adults agriturismos offer holiday accommodation for adult guests looking for quiet and relaxation. These agriturismos usually offer several facilities such as spa, massage, and romantic dinners. To guarantee peace and quiet for their guests, these agriturismos only allow a limited number of children. Oh, such peace!


Adults only: a holiday without children

As the name suggests, you won’t find any children in an adults-only agriturismo. A holiday without children means: total, undiluted relaxation, enjoying each other’s company and the Italian country life. An escape from everything, just the two of you doing what you like. For those who have set their mind on a holiday free from children.


Book an agriturismo where you will unwind

You can find a selection of my adults-only or mostly-adults agriturismos above. Here, you will surely find tranquillity, undisturbed nature, and culinary delights. I have visited every one of them myself, and carefully selected them for their quality, charm, and authenticity. My agriturismos are situated in rural settings in beautiful countryside. I live in Tuscany myself, so I know the agriturismos and their owners. 

Would you like to receive free advice on my adults-only or mostly-adults agriturismos? Then just contact me. I will gladly help you choose the one that ticks all your boxes. 


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